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SCO OpenServer Release 5 Administration II: System Configuration, Maintenance, and Installation

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1. Introduction to SCO UNIX/LINUX Systems
2. SCO OpenServer Release 4 Administration I: User Services

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Customize system start-up.
  • Troubleshoot system start-up.
  • Control priorities of execution process.
  • Monitor system performance.
  • Perform kernel configuration.
  • Customize system security.
  • Manage and troubleshoot serial ports.
  • Use emergency boot floppy set for disaster recovery.
  • Plan and implement an operating system installation.
  • Register software.
  • Install sample applications.
  • Install server hardware and peripherals.
  • Troubleshoot hardware installation problems.
  • Analyze and administer a sample system administration log book.

SCO OpenServer 5 Administration II: System Configuration, Maintenance, and Installation is designed for those who have a solid understanding of SCO OpenServer Release 5 technology. This course covers a wide range of system administration tasks and provides the tools needed to derive the maximum advantage from SCO products.

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Managing System Start-up and Shut-down
  • Customizing the default boot process.
  • Recognizing information displayed at boot-time.
  • Choosing the mode of operation.
  • Tailoring multi-user initialization.
  • Troubleshooting system start-up.

Advanced Process Control
  • Describing the creation process.
  • Personalizing process types.
  • Monitoring process activity.
  • Prioritizing processes.
  • Managing process accounting.
  • Automating processes.
Performance Tweaking
  • Describing performance factors.
  • Defining performance goals.
  • Collecting performance data.
  • Identifying kernel parameters and tables.
  • Interpreting kernel error messages.
  • Configuring kernel parameters.
Managing System Security
  • Describing system concepts.
  • Selecting a security profile.
  • Managing the trusted computing base.
  • Delegating system administration tasks.
  • Using SUID and GUID protection bits.
  • Using additional security measures.
Managing File Systems
  • Describing directory hierarchy.
  • Managing device files.
  • Describing software storage objects (SSO’s).
  • Structuring the hard disk.
  • Determining file system structure.
  • Repairing file systems.

Managing Multiple Hard Disks
  • Configuring hard disks and supported controllers.
  • Configuring a second hard disk.
  • Troubleshooting hard disks.
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Managing the UNIX Print Service
  • Analyzing and troubleshooting the UNIX print scheduler.
  • Managing the print request directories.
  • Setting print request priorities.
  • Configuring an additional printer.
  • Managing serial ports.

Examining the UNIX Login Process
  • Identifying files associated with maintaining serial ports.
  • Enabling and disabling serial ports.
  • Setting type of default terminal.
  • Troubleshooting terminals.
Disaster Recovery
  • Recovery preparation.
  • Recovering system files.
  • Restoring the non-root file system.
  • Creating emergency boot floppy set.
  • Replacing the root hard disk.
Installation Overview
  • Server installation outline.
  • Maintaining logbook.
  • Pre-Installation analysis.
  • Identifying SCO products.
  • Identifying SCO hardware requirements.
  • Starting and stopping installation.
  • Post-installation configuration.
  • Licensing and registering SCO OpenServer products.
Installing Serial Terminal Hardware
  • Enabling and disabling terminals.
  • Describing the login sequence.
  • Managing terminal configuration files and utilities.
Installing and Managing Printers
  • Installing a parallel printer.
  • Installing a serial printer.
  • Troubleshooting printer installation problems.

Scheduling is customized to meet the needs of individual clients.

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Learn more about the instructor, Scott Thacker, and his training qualifications.

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