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SCO OpenServer Release 5 Network Administration

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1. Introduction to SCO UNIX/LINUX Systems.
2. SCO Open Server Release 5 Administration I: User Services.
3. SCO Open Server Release 5 Administration II: System Configuration, Maintenance, and Installation. 4. Shell Programming for System Administrators.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe various transmission protocols and networking addresses.
  • Configure a network for use with subnets.
  • Configure a system for use as a router.
  • Configure TCP/IP network daemons and scripts.
  • Configure a system using domain name server capabilities.
  • Configure network mail.

SCO OpenServer Release 5 Network Capabilities is designed for technically-oriented individuals who need to establish and maintain network connectivity with the Internet and other networks. Students gain a thorough understanding of the UNIX and LINUX systems client/server model of network computing.

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TCP/IP Concepts
  • Overview of routing.
  • Hardware and software addresses.
  • Host names and IP addresses.
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).
  • Ports and protocols.
  • The TCP/IP protocol stack.

  • Planning subnet topology.
  • Subnet addresses.
  • Broadcasts addresses and net masks.
  • Configuring single network interfaces.

TCP/IP Configurations
  • NIC attributes.
  • Using netconfig (ADM).
  • Testing TCP/IP.

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  • Configuring a router route.
  • Routing daemons.
  • Interpreting router information.
  • Working with other interface protocols.
  • Using alternative interfaces.
  • Using kernel parameters.
  • Working with Internet addresses and domain name registration.

Domain Name Server (DNS) Configuration
  • DNS operation.
  • Server name configuration.
  • DNS client configuration.

Scheduling is customized to meet the needs of individual clients.

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For more information about continuing courses, please contact Scott Thacker.

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Learn more about the instructor, Scott Thacker, and his training qualifications.

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