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Introduction to SCO UNIX/LINUX Systems

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None, suitable for all UNIX/LINUX clients.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Access a UNIX System in a secure manner.
  • Use UNIX Korn shell features to enter and edit commands of operating systems.
  • Access an online manual to look up command syntax and option lists.
  • Access permission-only files and directories.
  • Organize home directories.
  • Maintain security of files and directories by setting permissions.
  • Use the printer spooler to print text files.
  • Use shell meta-characters to control command input and output.
  • Monitor processes and kill processes that do not terminate properly.
  • Configure login enviroments to accomodate user needs and preferences.

Introduction to SCO UNIX/LINUX Systems is for system administrators new to the SCO UNIX/LINUX operating system and for end users who work with SCO UNIX/LINUX systems in their organizations. Students learn necessary tasks essential to the overall understanding of an SCO UNIX/LINUX system.

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Overview of SCO UNIX Systems

  • Concepts and terminology.
  • Functions of operating system.
  • Features of SCO OpenServer system.
  • Operating system components.
Accessing SCO UNIX Systems
  • System security.
  • User interfaces.
  • Command usage.
Files and Directories
  • The file and directory structure.
  • File categories.
  • File system navigation.
  • Maintaining security.
  • Home directory management.
  • File functionality.
Editing Text
  • Overview of editors.
  • Using the vi(C) editor.
  • Using SCOedit .
  • Setting preferences.
  • Spell check.
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Electronic mail
  • Overview of electronic mail.
  • Reading mail.
  • Creating and sending mail.
  • Responding to mail.
  • Managing mail.
Customizing your Mail Environment
  • Printer overview.
  • Printing mail.
  • Printing - private versus shared.
  • Printing preparation.
  • Printing files.
  • Redirection of files.
  • Pipes, tees, and filters.
  • Combining print commands.
  • Printing process control.
  • Lifecycle of a print process.
  • Viewing the printing process status.
  • Minimizing the print load.
  • Shell printing review.

Scheduling is customized to meet the needs of individual clients.

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Learn more about the instructor, Scott Thacker, and his training qualifications.

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